Richer After Rain

Rainbow Over Balsamea, photo by The Balsamean

“Colors in the woods are richer after rain.”
“With the help of your imagination,
words can make a thousand pictures.”

– from Richer After Rain posted on 9/19/2012 in The Balsamean

There is something about a fall rain that makes the mountains come alive. The colors are richer~ the greens are greener, the browns are browner, the golds are golder. The bark on the trees are a deep chocolate, the pine needles are washed and prefect forest green. The grasses glow with a soft yellow that autumn brings to them and the silvery clouds seem to hold the color to the mountain side. -from A Fall Rain blog post by Kathryn Hoffman on 9/12/2012 at Pine Country Feed

All day it rained on and off, a slow, soft rain that seemed like a blessing, like grace itself descending from the sky. But that night, laying in bed, I could hear the faucets turn on, and the rain became harder. All I could think about was the gratitude of the trees—the aspens and pines that I have been trying to water all summer long with rain from the rain barrel, and feeling I was barely making a dent. Now I could imagine the rain soaking down to their roots and then being pulled upward to feed those branches where weeks ago the pine needles started turning reddish brown and the aspen leaves had started to crinkle up. -from Rain, Rain, Stay blog post by Kathy Kaiser on 9/17/2012 in the Cabin Journal blog


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